Five Habits of Healthy People

Almost everyone has heard the statement “I’m tired of being tired,” and most can identify with it. This is why the supplement market has grown explosively in recent years and why people sign up for gym memberships in droves each new year. Everyone wants to feel better, have energy, and ultimately be healthy.

Perhaps this desire for a higher quality of life has contributed to a select few being placed on social media thrones as icons of fitness and success—inspirational figures for those who crave something more than the constant lack of physical, mental, and even emotional well-being. The perception tends to gravitate toward these individuals being gifted with superb genetics, and an unlimited time and money to spend on their health.

The truth is, very few people truly have any advantage over everyone else when it comes to health and wellness. There is no magical formula, quick-fix pill, or secret regimen to follow. Instead, healthy people typically have found what works best for their well-being and develop habits based on those factors. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to health, there are a few habits that, if adhered to, can contribute to an improved quality of life. For our top five habits of healthy people, read on and begin changing your life!

1. Proper Rest

Proper Rest

Listing proper rest as a single healthy habit is a little bit like cheating, and for that we apologize. The truth is, proper rest can apply to many subcategories that fall under the umbrella of rest. For example, sleep patterns, length, and timing are all integral in being as healthy as possible. So too are proper recovery techniques for those who exercise.

Training yourself to sleep an appropriate time for your particular lifestyle and bodily needs is absolutely necessary to having energy and improving your overall health. Because everyone is different, we recommend doing a bit of research to determine for yourself what sleep habits would best fit you. Start with a web search and even consider experimenting on your own to discover what provides you with the most consistent energy!

It is also important to recover properly after exercise. Regardless of how hard you work at the gym, the benefits can be drastically reduced if you do not get enough rest. Make sure you’re not sabotaging your hard work and potential successes by neglecting this fundamental aspect of becoming healthy.

2. Exercise


Sure, proper and consistent exercise can help transform your body from down comforter to chiseled marble, but the health benefits extend much deeper than the aesthetic. Long-term, exercise can improve your cardiovascular system, decrease your risk of heart disease, help you lose excessive weight, strengthen your muscles and bones, and the list continues.

Most of these benefits are well-known, but habitual exercise can also clear up your skin, drastically reduce stress, and improve your mood. If you’re tired of feeling tired, tired of feeling overwhelmed, and tired of feeling unhappy, consistent exercise is a great way to start reversing those trends.

Before you begin crafting your new habit of healthy exercise, consult your physician to ensure you don’t have any underlying issues that could negatively affect you. It is also important to exercise intelligently and effectively. Do your research instead of jumping into things without a plan. You may even wish to consider employing a trainer—at least until you feel more confident and informed!

3. A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet

Nutrition has a far greater impact on overall health than most of us like to admit. Are we all aware that our diet choices directly affect our weight? Absolutely. What we like to glaze over, however, is the way in which a consistently unhealthy diet changes how we feel, from our energy level to our mood.

The opposite can also be true. An overly strict diet can wear on both the psyche and the body over an extended period of adherence. Whether it is an actual malnutrition due to restricted caloric, fat, or carbohydrate intake, or a simple feeling of being overwhelmed, extreme dieting can lead to a breakdown of the body and willpower, leading to unhealthy results or binge eating.

The key, then, is to understand that healthy eating is important, but balance is more realistic. Does that mean you have a bowl of ice cream for each salad you choke down? Unfortunately not. Instead, inform yourself about nutrition, macronutrients, and balanced dieting. Sustainability trumps extremism every time.

4. Plenty of Water

Plenty of water

Healthy people occasionally allow themselves a sugary drink, fancy coffee, or night out on the town enjoying adult beverages. What they do not do is strictly consume only these things. Instead, the majority of their fluid intake is composed of water. Why? Because water composes nearly 60% of the body!

Rather than polluting their calorie-free water with sugars, artificial flavors and sweeteners, and other products that detract from the benefits of simple H2O, healthy people choose proper amounts of addition-free water. If they do add something to it, they likely choose real fruit and vegetables to mildly flavor the water or an option that infuses the water with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

5. Well-Roundedness

Well Roundedness

Healthy people make a habit of diversifying their life in a mindful and intentional way. For example, they rarely allow their work life to overwhelm their interpersonal relationships and extracurricular activities. They also are sure to enjoy things they want to enjoy rather than letting the busyness of life push those enjoyments to the backburner.

In other words, make a habit of establishing a well-rounded life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and excessively busy, but by making the time to do what you love, spend time with those you care about, and simply experience life on a level beyond the monotony of work and bills, you will find yourself happier, less stressed, and overall, healthier than you have ever been.

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