5 Exercises to Ease You Into Working Out

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Getting back into working out after taking some time off or starting from scratch in the first place is no easy feat.

When you haven’t worked out in a while (or at all), you’ll probably need an extra boost of energy to get started. That’s where pre-workout supplements become essential.   

Most commonly, pre-workout supplements include drinks with electrolytes or amino acids since they help you absorb nutrients and energize your muscles. You’ll want to make sure you eat something, preferably high in healthy fats, about an hour before you exercise and replenish your protein levels once you’re finished.

Always have water on hand to maintain your hydration levels and listen to your body during the process. It’s not easy to start a workout plan, and it’s best to start slow.

So, without further ado, here are five exercises to ease you into working out.

1. Walking

You might think that taking a walk around your neighborhood is too easy to be considered a workout, but nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s a low-impact exercise that has just as many benefits as jogging or running does. In fact, many fitness experts suggest walking instead of running for their clients, especially in the beginning or if you’re prone to injury of any kind.

Australian fitness sensation, Kayla Itsines incorporates walking into her best-selling workout plan three times a week, and she suggests walking to improve cardio fitness before jumping into her program.

2. Yoga 

Another great way to ease into regularly working out is a yoga practice. Yoga combines strength, flexibility, and mindfulness and, in most cases, is done at your own pace. With variations and modifications available for every yoga pose out there, it’s the perfect way to start gaining strength and awareness in your muscles while improving mobility.

If you’re not ready to take on a yoga class when you’re starting your fitness journey, there are plenty of options to learn more about yoga in the comfort of your own home. Apps like Yoga Studio by Gaiam or YouTube channels like Yoga with Adriene offer tips on the fundamentals of yoga to help you ease into working out.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to transition into working out and is so low impact that you’ll barely even feel like you’re exercising. Swimming is fun and energizing, and by adding a swim session to your week, it can do wonders as you ease into working out.

Without jamming down on your joints, swimming allows you to work every muscle in your body without much strain. Beware - you will be sore after a solid swimming session so, don’t go too hard. As always, take it slow in the beginning, and soon enough you’ll be ready for more intense workouts.

4. Biking

Riding a bicycle is another way to almost trick your brain into exercise. It’s an incredibly enjoyable activity to help ease your way into fitness.

Like swimming, it’s easier on your joints and energizes you because it’s genuinely fun. You’ll start to notice that your cardio fitness has improved and your body is a bit stronger. Take the whole family for a bike ride in the suburbs or opt to ride a bike to work if you live in the city.

5. Body Weight Exercises

Before you add any extra weight to your workouts as you ease into things, you can start to build strength and fitness using just your body weight. Exercises like squats, pushups, and planks are all extremely beneficial without needing any equipment at all.

With variations for every kind of body weight exercise, know your limits and use the modifications as necessary. Squat as deeply as you can, lower your knees in a pushup to maintain the correct form, and start with a 15-second plank to build up your stamina.

It’s important to start slowly and pace yourself when you start getting into an exercise routine. Listen to your body and remember - the point is to start. Over time, you’ll see that even the little things you do as you ease into working out will create positive changes in your body and mind.

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