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Reusable Water Bottles

How do I clean my KOR vessels? Can they go in the dishwasher?

Is it safe to put my KOR vessels in the microwave?

My KOR vessel appears to be leaking. What should I do?

How do I know if my KOR vessel is completely closed?

My seal came off during washing. What should I do?

Are the Stone caps replaceable?

Can I put hot liquids in my KOR vessel?

Can I put alcoholic beverages in my KOR vessel?

Can I put carbonated or sparkling liquids in my KOR vessel?

Will ice cubes fit in my KOR vessel?

Do I need to wash my KOR vessel before using it for the first time?

Does the KOR vessel keep water cold?

Will the KOR vessel make my water smell or taste like plastic?

Are KOR Hydration Vessels unbreakable?

Will my KOR vessel leak if I leave it in my bag or I lay it on my car seat?

The Stones™ thing sounds cool, but what are they?

Can I create my own KOR Stones™?

How do I change my KOR Stone™?

What are KOR Stones™ made from?


Water Fall Home Filtration System

How to prepare your Water Fall:

How much water does each carafe hold?

Will it change the taste of the water?

How good does the water taste against bottled water?

What makes Water Fall different from other countertop pitchers?

Does Water Fall offer larger than 1 liter carafes?

Can I put ice in it?

Can I put Water Fall in the dishwasher?

How often should I clean the reservoir and carafes?

Do you have other colors?

What are the Water Fall by KOR components made of?

What are the maximum temperatures the Water Fall carafes can withstand?

Will the carafe break if I drop it?

What does the WF filter remove from tap water?

How long will the filter last?

How do I know when the filter needs to be replaced?

What is the filter made from?

How do I replace the filter?

How long does it take to filter 1 carafe?

Will Water Fall safely filter my tap water?

Will Water Fall filter water in my Country?

How do I dispose of the filter? Is it biodegradable or recyclable?

How much water does the filter process?

Why do I have to soak the filter?

What kind of certification does the Water Fall filter have?

Will the WF filter leave black spots in my water?/ Why are there black spots in my water?

What are the dimensions of the WF?

How big is the Water Fall by KOR? Will it fit on the kitchen counter under my cabinets?

Can I put fruit (e.g., lemons or strawberries) or drink mixes (e.g., Mio, Crystal Light, etc) in my Water Fall?

Nava Reusable Water Bottle

How to prep the Nava filter and activate.

When to change your Nava filter.

How to wash your Nava bottle and store the filter.

Is Nava safe to use outside the U.S.?

Can I use Nava when I go hiking and camping?

Can I take my Nava to high altitudes, such as on an airplane or to the mountains? What happens if I leave my Nava in my car in warmer climates?

Can I drink juice, Gatorade or other flavored beverages from the Nava?

Will the Nava function without the filter in place?

Can the activated carbon in the Nava filters themselves be replaced? Or would the Nava filters be considered disposable only?

What happens if I keep using the Nava filter beyond the recommended 40 gallon capacity?

What if I barely use the Nava filter? Do I still have to replace it after three months?

What happens if my filter freezes?

My tap water has high concentration of iron. Will the Nava filter out the iron?

What does the Nava filter remove from water?

How effective is the Nava at reducing the mineral content or improving the taste of hard water?

How does the taste of Nava compare to bottled water?

What makes Nava different from other filtered bottles?

General Questions

Health & Safety

I have been hearing a lot about BPA. What is it?

What is the Nava filter made from?

What is activated carbon?

Is the Nava's filter compostable/biodegradable?

What do you mean about your filter being "sustainably manufactured"?

Does the Nava filter contain any ingredients that prevent bacterial growth?

Is my KOR vessel made from recycled materials?

You say that KOR vessels are recyclable. So why isn't there a recycling symbol or code on it?


How do I place an order?

How do I set up a KOR online account?

Can I change or cancel an order once I've placed it?

What happens if an item is back ordered?

I live outside the U.S. How can I purchase KOR products?

Why was my card declined?

How do I use a voucher and/or coupon code?

Is my transaction secure?

How do I know you've received my order?

When will I be charged?


Which payment methods do you accept?

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