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We live in a fast paced world with a million different distractions. We at KOR are very focused on staying hydrated, of course, but also on keeping our bodies in peak performance mode. Even so, we constantly find ourselves taking short cuts, skipping workouts, and choosing fast food over home-cooked meals. We asked ourselves, what small changes can we make to super-charge our bodies without spending hours in the kitchen and the gym? We’ve collected some simple meal ideas for you to make at home as well as some quick, “literally anyone can do it” workouts that require zero gym equipment!


When we’re in need of inspiration, we rely on the experts for quick, interval workouts that are easy to do between chores, working, and family time. Check out this quick 7-minute routine posted in The New York Times by Gretchen Reynolds. Seriously - if you have 7 minutes, you have time to do this workout! If you prefer to follow a workout video, Instagram has become a hotbed for great workout ideas that are perfect for fitting into your home routine. One of our favorite fitness accounts to follow is Emily Skye Fitness. Emily posts every single day with both gym workouts as well as at-home workouts, providing excellent advice for getting in a quick sweat. In addition, we also love workout videos. If you prefer to find your favorite on your own, these fitness videos will give you several options! It is especially important to remember that at-home workouts are what you make of them, so don’t be afraid to push yourself a little. Remember, you’re a warrior and you can kick some butt. If all else fails… remember, it’s for your health!


A good workout can be wonderful, but can be less effective without following it up with some nutrient dense eating habits. Here are some of our favorite go-to meals that are easy to plan even on our busiest days.

First Meal

Overnight Oats! We recently started adding this to our breakfast routine. It’s so easy and delicious! You’ll get a great dose of fiber from the oats that will help you feel full for longer - perfect for when you are on the go in the morning, and keeping you energized through to your next chance for a snack. One of the best sites we know for more inspiration and variety is Eat This.  The Flax & Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats is one of our favorites!


Lunch at Work

When you’re busy, a 5-minute stop at the drive thru for lunch may seem like your only option. With a little meal prepping, anyone can avoid that tempting solution. We usually cook an extra portion of protein the night before and use it as a salad topper. We all eat a lot of roasted veggies in our homes and it’s an easy, flavorful addition to salads. In fact, pre-packing lunches has actually made us more productive at work. That 3 o’clock energy drag is easier to combat when you’ve had a healthy lunch. (We do keep the KOR+ water bottle on the desk as an afternoon pick up!)

Dinner Without all the Dirty Dishes

We are huge fans of one pan meals. One pan means minimal dishes and less cleaning up. It also makes preparing to cook less daunting (think 1 pan to monitor instead of several)! Usually, these recipes make enough for two meals so all of the cutting prep time is worth it. One of our personal favorites is a sausage and veggie bake. It’s a perfect balanced dish with a solid amount of protein and healthy vegetables. Dishes that cover these bases are a great place to start if you’ve recently converted to Paleo. Check out this recipe from Paleo Newbie!

Eating healthy and keeping your body healthy can seem like a huge undertaking, but taking the time to do some simple prep work can put you on the path to living a healthier life. It goes without saying that healthy food and workouts pair perfectly with ample hydration! Don’t wait for tomorrow, begin your health journey today!

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