Health and Wellness Series: 5 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself

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As seasons change and the holidays are getting closer, remember to give yourself a break! 

Summer has been full of picnics, outdoor music festivals and weekend getaways with friends but the weather is starting to get a little chillier and the leaves are starting to change. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of seasons changing but as mother nature is shifting gears, allow yourself a minute to breath and reflect.

By taking a break today, you’ll get the lift you need to flit between Friendsgiving parties, coffee dates, and more importantly gear up for this year’s final quarter both at work and at home!  Here are some of my favorites for some quick R&R. 

1. Sleep In 

Sleep is an essential part of our well-being. Getting adequate sleep speeds up recovery, curbs inflammation, improves memory among many other benefits. It will come as no surprise that many people do not get enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that 47% of Americans say they do not get adequate sleep. Even an extra fifteen minutes of sleep can do wonders for your overall health, so hit that snooze button (on the weekends of course!)


2. Take 15 Minutes & Meditate

 We’ve all heard this suggestion before and you’re probably shaking your head right now. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean aligning your chakras or seeing through your third eye. Meditation is simple. Take 15 minutes to lower the lights, put your phone down, and let your mind wander. You’ll be surprised what path your mind may take. Meditation improves mood, sleep and can even sharpen your problem-solving skills! Find a quiet corner and let your mind wander.

3. Pamper Yourself with a skin treatment

Face masks can be an easy and cheap way to relax. You can find many different skin treatments at your community’s spa or your local Target. If you’re looking to splurge, getting a facial or massage can help you unwind. However, since the holidays are coming up, you may be looking for a more cost-effective solution. Search no further than your local drugstore where you can find many options for all skin types. Wash away the impurities and the stress of a long week!

4. Indulge in a guilty pleasure

Get that frozen yogurt, treat yourself to the Venti Caramel Macchiatto, or splurge on that beautiful pair of boots! It’s ok to let yourself live a little. As long as the splurge is within reason, you can give yourself a few small pleasures. Give yourself permission to step outside the box.

5. Reflect on your successes

When we’re moving too fast, we can overlook our successes. These triumphs don’t need to be milestones like a new job, a big raise or a budding relationship. Success can be measured in much smaller, more approachable ways. Did you eat healthy today? Did you complete half of your to-do list? Did you make someone else feel good about themselves? These questions may not seem all that exciting; however, practicing mindfulness and celebrating small victories can help keep you centered and optimistic.

Taking time for yourself can be tough. We live a life that is very connected to others. While this has opened up many new avenues for social interaction and keeping up with friends, it can also take its toll. We are all spread thin. However, small behavior changes can help you lead a more fulfilled and mindful life.

Happy Fall everyone!

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