Bring More Balance to Your Life

My father always told me “everything in moderation,” and while I believe certain things—love and passion, for example—warrant more than moderation, what he was really saying was “find a balance.”

This principle has stayed with me from childhood into adulthood and has truly shaped the person I have become. In the midst of working and attending graduate school, I would begin to grow overwhelmed and frustration or despair would set in, but my father’s voice would echo in my head—everything in moderation.

Finding a balance sounds great. It almost seems like a mystical lifehack that will solve all of your problems. Spoiler alert: it won’t, but it definitely helps. So, how do you find and bring more balance to your life? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but we’ve put together a few suggestions!

Be Aware

If you’re reading this, you’re halfway there. The first step to finding and bringing balance to your life is to be aware of your imbalance and make an effort to correct. The fact that you are seeking a change is a promising start!

The key is to translate broad awareness into specific. In other words, right now you realize your life as a whole needs more balance—this is broad. Where change occurs is when you can recognize a lack of balance in the moment.

Whether you are overwhelmed by work, frustrated by a lack of organization, or simply fed-up with traffic, learn to identify imbalance in the moment so you can begin to rectify it.

Be Aware

Utilize Free Time

It may be your weekend, but more likely it will be the small moments between the big ones. Maybe you take 30 minutes after the kids go to bed to simply breathe and focus on yourself. Maybe during your lunch break you set aside a few minutes to be still and restore some calm to your day and your mind.

The common theme here is the recognition of free time as an opportunity rather than a break. You might be thinking “wait, won’t that make me busier?” The answer lies in your perception. If you believe something to be a burden, it will be.

So, don’t consider it work, think of it as a chance to evaluate where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically so you can better care for yourself and find the balance you desperately wish to find.

Appreciate Life

If you’re like me, it is too easy to get wrapped up in the monotony of routine and place too much importance on certain aspects of life (while neglecting the rest). Whether it is the daily grind of working to pay your bills or falling into the trap of living for the weekend, allowing any one thing to overshadow everything else is a surefire way to lack balance.

Focus on enjoying and appreciating every aspect of life, big and small. Drive with the windows down and remember how the smell of freshly cut grass reminds you of childhood. Linger a little longer in your favorite outdoor spot. Take a bit of extra time to embrace the mystery of someone else’s mind and perspectives.

It is said that the beauty is in the details, and the same holds true for balance.

Take Care of Your Body

When your body is happy you have the energy and alertness to truly bring balance to your life. It’s hard to make an effort when you have no drive or energy to do so.

So, make sure you are hydrating properly. Try to balance your diet so that it’s healthy, but enjoyable. Find a way to exercise, no matter how busy you are. A body that is cared for will reward you physically, but that positivity will also overflow into other aspects of your life, helping you bring the balance you’ve always wanted in your life!

Take Care of Your Body

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