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"The Nava is the perfect bottle for those wanting style without sacrificing function."
The Best Thirst-Quenching Filtered Water Bottles
Runners World - March 06, 2019
"A sleek water bottle that might encourage you to hit your daily hydration goals. Your cubicle mate will be so jealous."
27 Affordable Luxuries To Treat Yourself To Right Now
BuzzFeed - January 09, 2019
"The design of the Water Fall by KOR is so stunning that it makes drinking water a way more fun (and luxurious) experience."
Boost your water intake in 2019 with this stylish water filter
CNN Underscored - January 03, 2019
"Thanks to the geniuses who invented the filtered water bottle, I’ll now gleefully be drinking water from the tap of not-at-all clean airport bathrooms instead of paying $7 for a bottle of water."
7 Gifts For the Anxious Traveler
Tonic by Vice - November 27, 2018
"As KOR founder Eric Barnes puts it: Why couldn’t great industrial design—where form and function are meticulously analyzed—be incorporated into a new product line that anticipated the user’s every need?"
Design Your Own Water: Staying Hydrated And Healthy
Huffington Post - October 03, 2016
"What started as KOR’s simple goal of perfecting the reusable bottle has expanded into a company charged with celebrating, protecting, and treasuring water — in our personal lives and the world. "
KOR Water, makers of innovative water filtration systems
Entrepreneur Podcast Network - August 22, 2016
"KOR drops marketing lines like 'water vessel' and 'hydration experience' – I’d tout the visual appeal. If looks aren’t your thing, the round lip, threadless spout, and non-metal taste should convince you."
KOR Vida - Stylish Water Bottle
The Modern Desk - August 15, 2016
"Get your hydration on with the help of this sleek bottle. Its wide mouth means you can even drop a few ice cubes or some fresh fruit for extra flavor."
7 Chic Water Bottles to Help Keep You Hydrated This Summer
LA Confidential Magazine - July 11, 2016
"Kor’s water was crisp and tasty, but its real drinkability comes from how easy it is to use. Unlike pitchers, where reaching a fill line still leaves the thing half empty once the water drips through, a full bottle from this one is a guarantee."
The Best Water Filters of 2016
Fresh Home - June 29, 2016
"Water Fall, a new water filtration system from Kor that presents an elegant alternative to a Brita filter, inspired by pour-over coffee."
A Chemex For Your Mineral Water Is Here
Fast Company Magazine - October 03, 2014
"Kor Water Fall helps to solve most (if not all) of the problems caused by traditional filter pitchers."
KOR’s New Water Filter Will Save You From the Tyranny of the Filter Pitcher
Digital Trends - October 03, 2014
"The creators of KOR spent over four years researching and creating the most effective in-home filtration systems to use in their products. "
KOR Water Filter Takes Cues from Drip-Coffee
PSFK - October 01, 2014
" Inspired by the pour-over coffee process, the filter is suspended above the carafe allowing for the filling of multiple carafes."
KOR Launches Water Fall In-Home Water Filtration System
Design Milk - October 01, 2014
"Water Fall is an attractive countertop filter that's inspired by pour-over coffee. Rather than being integrated into the pitcher, the filter floats above the karafe, so that switching out one for another is as easy as could be."
Water Fall by KOR is a Smart and Simple At-Home Water Filter
Trend Hunter - September 30, 2014
"KOR's new Water Fall filtration system separates the actual filter from the vessel, letting you fill glasses, carafes, or bottles without ever having to carry the whole rig around."
A Stylish Water Filter You Don't Have To Hide In the Fridge
Gizmodo - September 14, 2014
"KOR elevates the humble water bottle to a piece of high-performance equipment. Its built-in water filter, handle, and silicone spout are highly functional elements. Satisfying build quality and aesthetic complete the picture."
7 Best-Designed American-Made Products
Inc. Magazine - June 01, 2014
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