What Drives Audi?

Our latest partner Audi has a collective passion and commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Our latest partner Audi designs beautiful luxury vehicles, but they’re also committed to innovation, sustainability and diversity. Audi’s US division is on a mission to reduce their net carbon footprint by 30% by 2025. That’s why they plan to have more fully electric models than any other automotive brand on the market by 2021. They’re also bringing more diversity to the industry. They recently partnered with the American Film Institute and The James Beard Foundation to provide more opportunities for women in the workplace.  They created an internal council, along with special training, to increase understanding and inclusion. 

We are particularly excited about their efforts surrounding water. We agree that, “Clean drinking water is one of our most valuable resources.” Audi Mexico led the way in 2018, as one of the world’s first automotive manufacturing plants to purify and reuse all wastewater created during vehicle production.  According to Peter Kössler, Audi’s Board Member for Production and Logistics, “Our goal is to drastically reduce freshwater consumption and cut the water consumption per produced vehicle in half by 2035. Where possible, we are already using recycled water... Our vision is to have closed water cycles at all our production sites.”

It’s passion that drives Audi forward. Their commitment to make the world a better place is what inspired us to partner with them on Audi’s KOR RIDE bottle. The Kor Wilshire bottle features Audi’s iconic rings on both the bottle and the RIDE. Kor’s style, which includes the perfect spout, is a luxury hydration experience to match Audi’s driving experience.