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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

Care & Usage

Q How do I clean my KOR vessels? Can they go in the dishwasher?
Q Is it safe to put my KOR vessels in the microwave?
Q My KOR vessel appears to be leaking. What should I do?
Q How do I know if my KOR vessel is completely closed?
Q My seal came off during washing. What should I do?
Q Are the caps and rubber seals replaceable?
Q Can I put my KOR vessels in the freezer?
Q Can I put hot liquids in my KOR vessel?
Q Can I put alcoholic beverages in my KOR vessel?
Q Can I put carbonated or sparkling liquids in my KOR vessel?
Q Will ice cubes fit in my KOR vessel?
Q Do I need to wash my KOR vessel before using it for the first time?
Q Does the KOR vessel keep water cold?
Q Will the KOR vessel make my water smell or taste like plastic?
Q Are KOR Hydration Vessels unbreakable?
Q Will my KOR vessel leak if I leave it in my bag or I lay it on my car seat?
Q Is Nava safe to use outside the U.S.?
Q Can I use Nava when I go hiking and camping?
Q Can I take my Nava to high altitudes, such as on an airplane or to the mountains? What happens if I leave my Nava in my car in warmer climates?
Q Can I pour filtered water from the Nava into a glass or a bowl for my dog if I tip it upside down?
Q Can I drink juice, Gatorade or other flavored beverages from the Nava?
Q Will the Nava function without the filter in place?
Q Can the activated carbon in the Nava filters themselves be replaced? Or would the Nava filters be considered disposable only?
Q What happens if I keep using the Nava filter beyond the recommended 40 gallon capacity?
Q What if I barely use the Nava filter? Do I still have to replace it after three months?
Q What happens if my filter freezes?
Q My tap water has high concentration of iron. Will the Nava filter out the iron?
Q What does the Nava filter remove from water?
Q How effective is the Nava at reducing the mineral content or improving the taste of hard water?
Q How does the taste of Nava compare to bottled water?
Q What makes Nava different from other filtered bottles?
Q The Stones™ thing sounds cool, but what are they?
Q Where can I purchase additional KOR Stones™?
Q Can I create my own KOR Stones™?
Q How do I change my KOR Stone™?
Q What are KOR Stones™ made from?

Health & Safety

Q I have been hearing a lot about BPA. What is it?
Q What is the Nava filter made from?
Q What is activated carbon?
Q Is the Nava's filter compostable/biodegradable?
Q What do you mean about your filter being "sustainably manufactured"?
Q Does the Nava filter contain any ingredients that prevent bacterial growth?
Q Is my KOR vessel made from recycled materials?
Q You say that KOR vessels are recyclable. So why isn't there a recycling symbol or code on it?


Q How do I place an order?
Q How do I set up a KOR online account?
Q Can I change or cancel an order once I've placed it?
Q What happens if an item is backordered?
Q Where can I purchase KOR products at retail?
Q I live outside the U.S. How can I purchase KOR products?


Q Which payment methods do you accept?
Q Is my transaction secure?
Q Why was my card declined?
Q When will I be charged?
Q How do I know you've received my order?
Q How do I use a voucher code?
Q How do I use a discount code?