Introducing Water Fall
by KOR

Your kitchen’s new statement
piece: the beautiful Water
Fall filtration system. Filtered
water has never looked this

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Take the water. Leave the filter.

Our innovative design keeps your filter and
carafe separate - one can stay on the counter
while the other travels wherever you want.
Which means that a single Water Fall stand can
fill all the carafes you need.

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Mother Nature knows best.

Forget artificial chemicals and
complicated ingredients – Water Fall
uses coconut shells to purify and filter
your water. The process is natural,
simple, and sustainable - and creates
amazing-tasting water.

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Too good-looking to stay in the fridge.

Water Fall’s attractive design is dinner party-ready. No unnecessary parts, no clunky
pitchers and no detail overlooked. You can trade plastic pitchers for sleek glass carafes and
a stand that you’ll be proud to display on any countertop.

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The collection.

Our company is all about celebrating water – in fact, it’s at our KOR. We believe that getting your
daily H20 shouldn’t look or feel like a chore. It’s our mission to give you all the goodness of water in
a design that’ll make you love it even more. So go on, fill one up, empty, and repeat.

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