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Co-Brand KOR Hydration Vessels with Custom Logos and Printing

Co-brand with KOR

Custom print KOR vessels with your own logo or artwork
to create amazing gifts or product to sell.

Contact us to find out about volume pricing or get a quote for co-branding!


Looking for something special to sell to your customers or give to others that they will actually want to use every day, extending the reach of your brand on a daily basis? Give your employees or customers the gift of KOR water bottles — the gift that shows you really care about them and the planet. We'll even help you personalize it with the coolest customization options you've ever seen.

Options! Options! Options!

You can customize all four KOR water bottle styles: ONE, Delta, Aura and Vida. The latter three come in two sizes, for a total of 35 water bottles to choose from.


KOR Stones™

KOR Stones™ are a unique and subtle way to get any message across. Display your organization's tag line, mission statement, goals, or whatever strikes your fancy. Both the KOR ONE and KOR Delta water bottle styles hold up to four double-sided Stones, so you can include up to eight messages total.


Quick Production

Ships from: Ships from Ohio with low minimums.

Minimum units: 144 for co-branded printing,
25 for custom KOR Stones.


Let's Make It Happen!

Whether you're ready to produce your design or simply need a quote, please view our super helpful KOR Water Custom Branding Guide and then click below to contact us. A KOR team member will get back to you within 1-2 business days. Allen Company, the industry leader in Co-Brand printing, is our sole custom printer for KOR bottles.

Contact us to find out about volume pricing or get a quote for co-branding!