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KOR Stewards

To our loyal Water Advocates,

We have truly appreciated those of you who have actively participated in our KOR Stewards program over the last two years. But as our company grows, we have decided that it is time to end KOR Stewards. This was not an easy decision, but we felt that we can create new and more exciting programs to get the word out about KOR. So please stay tuned for the next greatest idea from KOR!

Effective on August 31, 2012, your KOR Steward code will become void. We will be doing a full audit of all the accounts and paying out any commissions that are owed for the months of July and August by September 30. For those of you who did not accumulate enough to meet the $25 minimum commission payment threshold, we will also be paying you out as well. If you do not have your PayPal account information updated at this point, please go into your Steward account this week and update it. If you have no PayPal account, we would encourage you to get signed up this week so we can make the payment to you via PayPal, which saves on trees and fuel.

If you do not have a PayPal account registered with us by September 15, we will send out a check to the address listed on your Steward account. If you have moved since you signed up, please go in and update your mailing address on your Steward account. To be safe, it is recommended that you go in and check your address and PayPal account information for accuracy at this time, as any checks that are returned to us as undeliverable will be donated to the Nature Conservancy. We will not be able to issue any commission payments of any size after September 30, 2012.

Thank you again for getting out there and talking to people about KOR and our mission, and our awesome vessels. Please continue to enjoy using your own KOR vessel and showing people the way to living a better life without disposable water bottles.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Randi at stewards@korwater.com.


Randi Iggulden
Sales Manager, KOR

Sign Into Your Account

Please sign into your account to review and make changes so you are paid out properly. All unclaimed checks will be donated to The Nature Conservancy.