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Water Fall by KOR



Water Fall’s innovative design uses long-lasting, eco-friendly filters to ensure crystal clear water that tastes delicious. The filter and carafe are separate which allows you to have multiple glass carafes of great-tasting water whenever. Plus, our coconut shell filters purify your water in natural and sustainable way. Includes: 1 stand, 1 filter and 2 beautiful glass carafes with caps. Click here to explore the wonder of Water Fall.


  • HOME WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM: Water Fall includes everything you need to filter and create pure, great-tasting water for your entire family. 
  • ALL-NATURAL, COCONUT FILTER: Water Fall uses coconut shells to purify and filter your water. The process is natural, simple, and sustainable - and creates amazing-tasting water. Filter lasts up to 80 gallons (about 4 months), twice as long as most filtered pitchers. Filter tested and certified to NSF 42 standard to remove chlorine, chloramines, bad taste and odors found in tap water
  • HYDRATION INNOVATION: Water Fall is a hydration platform that helps you drink more water. Add more glass carafes and replacement filters based on your need. Everything we do KOR is focused on helping you realize healthy hydration in a sustainable way

Water Fall by KOR filtered carafe better than pitcher

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