The simple act of expressing gratitude can open a well of kindness, helping us realize how connected we truly are.  Water Cycle is a global campaign, founded by KOR, to help this world experience gratitude for each other and express kindness.  

Through Water Cycle, participants express gratitude for another by anonymously giving away a Watermark (our term for what is a beautifully designed bookmark).  Each Watermark is imprinted with a compliment and a unique hashtag code. Recipients use the bookmark for up to 7 days and then pass it on by expressing gratitude anonymously for yet another. This cycle continues without end.  Recipients are encouraged to post an image on Instagram using their unique hashtag, thus allowing all to track the journey of their Watermark and number of people its touched.  We believe these drops of gratitude will ripple into an ocean of kindness.

Why KOR?

Since KOR launched in 2008, our mission has been to "celebrate and treasure" water. KOR puts water on a pedestal by creating the world's most beautiful and sustainable hydration products.  Our hydration and filtration products are designed to hydrate body and mind while making the world a better place  We're advocates for water and the life-giving role it provides.  Each of us is made from 60-70% water, and the water in us has traveled through all of life within the water cycle.  We're more connected than we realize.