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Our Mission

Our Logo is our mission.

At our core, we are our higher selves. Everything we
need is already inside of us

We are unique, yet part of everything. We are the yin and the yang. We seek balance between ourselves and the world, between our body and mind, between who we are now — and who we have yet to become.

Living from our core gives us great strength, yet we walk with humility knowing we are a work in progress, striving to improve each day. We hold compassion and empathy toward others, knowing they, too, seek the path to live their core.

Hydration is the foundation of our human health. We celebrate and treasure the water within us and throughout the world for the life it brings. Water connects us all.

Our Values

We celebrate water in every manifestation.

Life Takes Water

We celebrate and treasure water in every manifestation – in our bodies, oceans, lakes, streams, and all living things. We put water on a pedestal, designing beautiful and sustainable hydration products that never take water for granted.


Water is the operating system of our body. All the food we ingest, and oxygen we inhale layer on top of water, the magic liquid that allows life. Proper hydration thus magnifies and enhances everything we do.

Everyone is Powerful – On the Inside

Go inside, then go outside. Everything we need is inside of us. The change we seek must start with ourselves, knowing who we are at our core. From this reservoir of strength, we can shine our light to create a better world.

Sustainable by Design

We should leave this planet better than when we found it. Packaging water in disposable bottles and shipping it across the world is such an unnecessary and wasteful practice, leaving a significant cost to the planet and future generations. We develop innovative hydration products that make it easy and fun to be sustainable.

Design Motivates

Beautiful products and well-considered solutions not only work better, but they last longer. Great design is the enemy of disposable. In fact, design and sustainability are siblings. In a world that consumes and discards, products we fall in love with get used longer.

Our Logo


It's a water drop composed of two sides, in balance, representing the duality of your life. Your body, and your mind. You, and everything else. Both sides reflect and complete each other.

We are unique, but connected to everything. The arms of the drop reach upward but never quite touch. This gap acknowledges we are perfectly imperfect – always a work in progress.

Our Story

necessity is the mother of invention.

They say necessity is the mother of invention — and so began KOR.

Eric Barnes' wife, Stacey, was the first to tell him that his habit of refilling an old Gatorade bottle was a really bad idea. "It's a bacterial trap," she warned, "and you're not supposed to reuse those bottles." Yet, after several visits to retail stores, Eric's failed search to find a reusable bottle that he would use left him unsatisfied — and intrigued.

Bottled water sales continued to grow as those companies redesigned their packaging and marketed stories of water from exotic locations, yet reusable bottles were stuck in the woods (literally).

With 4 out of 5 single use bottles ending up in landfills, it was commonly known bottled water was a major environmental problem, but “guilt” is not a powerful motivator for any type of positive change.

That’s when the idea struck. What if great design and storytelling were brought to “sustainable hydration”? What if instead of guilting people to stop something, the incentive of a better product altogether was provided to change behavior? KOR would do just that in the category of personal hydration.

Eric was no stranger to taking on a challenge, particularly one with which he had no experience. "One can see with new eyes what others miss" — or at least that's how he rationalized diving head first into the hydration market. Previously, Eric had launched several Internet startups, including and, but KOR felt more like a mission than a company. Along the way, Eric met Paul Shustak, who shared the same passion for design, wellness and sustainability in a hydration-focused company.

Together, Eric and Paul would spend over three years to reinvent the reusable water bottle. In 2008 KOR emerged with the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel, a beautiful and iconic reusable bottle applauded around the world. The rest is history.

What started as KOR's simple goal of perfecting the reusable bottle has expanded into a company charged with celebrating, protecting, and treasuring water — in our personal lives and the world. Today, KOR is hard at work spreading "sustainable hydration" to the world in a growing line of design-driven hydration products and enlisting water advocates, one customer at a time.