New Water Services by KOR: FreeWater + AquaBox | KOR Water

Drumroll, Please…

Water Just Became a Service.

Make your life even more convenient by having water delivered straight to your home with two new subscription services by KOR. But only one of these is real.

AquaBox and FreeWater

Experience Hydration Innovation.

Choose between two exciting options that take all the effort out of finding fresh, clean water. We're not going to just let the reusable crowd save some dough, either. Now you bottled water drinkers can pocket some gas money by letting water come to you!

Two Great Solutions To Pick From: Own Water, Or Set It Free.

AquaBox logo

AquaBox Subscription Service

Imagine water shipped to you in a box (say what?). Every month, we'll scour the world to bring you six bottled waters right to your doorstep. Subscription box programs are all the rage now, so we thought it was time to jump on the bandwagon. If you like getting your cosmetics, doggy treats, or men's wardrobe delivered monthly, you're going to love AquaBox! Let's face it — life is a lot easier when you don't have to fill up your own water bottle.

FreeWater logo

KOR Nava Hydration Vessel + FreeWater Filter Subscription Plan

If you really like water, saving money, and happen to drink more than 2 liters/month, FreeWater is your ride. Nava + FreeWater gives you a state-of-the-art filtered hydration vessel combined with a just-when-you-need-it filter subscription, so you can enjoy fresh, clean water all day long and everywhere you go. FreeWater turns any tap or public water fountain into your very own mountain spring.

AquaBox: No Fill, No Frill.

Let KOR be your expert water sommelier to bring you the most exotic and distant bottled water right to your door. No filling your own bottles, remembering to replace filters or wasting your precious gas money taking trips to the store. Just open and drink.

Skip the Ergonomic Mumbo Jumbo

KOR Hydration Vessels are known for their highly functional yet stylish designs, but what if you just want the dam water? AquaBox simplifies your life by giving you water and only water.

Hydration Just Got a Lot Easier

You could spend more time enjoying life and your loved ones if you could manage to eliminate those few minutes a week filling your own bottled water. AquaBox: problem solved.

Discover the World's Water From the Comfort of Your Own Home

What's the point of a subscription box if you can't discover new products? With AquaBox, experience the full magic of water by sampling the world's most pristine sources: France, Italy, New Zealand, North Pole, Sweden, Antarctica, even the Los Angeles Municipal Water District. You imagine it, we'll tap that... and bottle it.

Can't Wait? Here's an Exclusive Preview.

For a taste of what's in an AquaBox, take a peek at this month's selections. As a thank you for visiting, use coupon code AQUABOX15 at checkout for 15% off your first box. Hooray for bottled water!

Nava + FreeWater: Thrill of Refill.

Get KOR's award-winning Nava filtering reusable bottle with a yearly FreeWater subscription. You'll literally enjoy free water for the entire year. With over 1.3 million FreeWater refill locations (that is, public fountains and taps), you won't have to go far to find free water.

An Ultra Convenient System

Nava + FreeWater includes new coconut-carbon filters delivered to your home and e-mails you when it's time to replace your filter so you can keep the fresh water flowing.

Your Best Travel Buddy

Drink water for free wherever you go by simply filling Nava with tap instead of buying bottled water. When you use FreeWater, you're saving money and the environment. High five!

No Other Filtering Water Bottle Does This — the First of Its Kind

There's reminders and subscriptions for items like home filtration systems and air purifiers, but water bottles? If empowering you to sustainably hydrate for years with Nava is crazy, then we don't want to be sane.

There's a KOR Subscription for Everyone. What's Yours?

Compare AquaBox and FreeWater Subscription Services side by side to aid in your decision to pick the hydration solution that makes most sense.

Get the AquaBox App!

Track all the exotic places you’ve had water bottled and shipped right to your door. It's the next best thing to actually traveling there.