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KOR Vida Water Bottle

Sleek Design In Steel

We love the durability and beauty of steel. But we didn't like the way steel bottles felt in our hands or on our lips. So we pushed ourselves to create a better solution. Our reward was Vida. Its tapered profile and ergonomic handle make it a joy to hold. Our smooth, threadless spout replicates our Perfect Spout, a first for any steel bottle.









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Behind the Vida

The first steel bottle with a threadless spout.

Steel reusable bottles are everywhere you look, but almost every one of them looks the same. Our KOR team decided we wouldn’t touch steel unless we had a passionate focus on how to create something truly unique and special. While we’ve always liked steel bottles for their durability and simplicity, we aren’t big fans of the overall hydration experience.

To begin, we quickly zeroed in on the shortcomings of steel bottles: design (we couldn’t name a steel bottle where design was a consideration), ergonomics (steel inherently doesn’t like to bend, causing every bottle we reviewed to abandon ergonomics), and taste and smell (we like to taste water, but you can’t help but taste and smell steel when putting your lips to steel).

The KOR Vida ultimately exceeded our expectations. By producing a threadless spout that could be secured onto the base of the Vida vessel, we were able to deliver the same incredible drinking experience one feels when first drinking from the KOR ONE. Made of BPA-free, recyclable polypropylene, the Vida spout lets you taste the freshness of water without leaving you with a lingering taste of “metal” in your mouth. Further, you don’t smell metal with every sip. And when you finish drinking, the Vida cap acts like an air-lock chamber to completely protect the spout.

At KOR, we acknowledge we tend to overthink things, but we feel strongly that our hydration vessels have to matter. Otherwise, what’s the point?

KOR Innovation Lab

Explore scraps from the drawing board and take an exclusive peek behind the scenes.


KOR Vida comes in two sizes and two classic colors. It also features these other nice things to provide you a superb hydration experience:

  • Always BPA-Free

    This KOR Water bottle is made from BPA-free 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, a health-safe material that's durable and doesn't impart the taste or odor of metal.

  • Ergo-Comfort

    Sleek designs that are comfortable and natural to hold. Integrated ergonomic handles make carrying extremely simple.

  • Hygienic Spout

    Most bottles force you to drink from an exposed surface, but KOR's covered cap design completely protects the spout from outside germs and particles when not used.

  • KOR Perfect Spout™

    An exclusive, threadless spout that feels great on your lips. Large enough for chugging and inserting most ice cubes, yet small enough to minimize splashing.


If you’re drinking from a KOR Hydration Vessel, chances are, it’s pretty famous and talked about. See for yourself in these featured articles, and smile because you’re part of an elite group of Water Advocates.

Featured Articles About Vida:
  • Gizmodo: "If you're still drinking bottled water, this is a beautiful way to break the habit."

  • Outside: "KOR’s design genius is in its 'perfect spout,' [which] allows you to actually sip water instead of gulp or suck — a comforting luxury on a hot, sweaty hike."

  • Cool Hunting: "With forward-thinking design, they excel at creating functional H2O portage and are committed to changing the habits of the Dasani-swilling masses."

  • GQ: "You know how much better water tastes out of a chilled glass bottle? KOR's Vida water bottle gives you the same effect, but its steel body was made to be tracked around campus, drop-kicked, and abused."

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    Design and lifestyle blogs love Vida! Check out features in Design Milk, Cool Hunting, Gizmodo and GQ on the right.


    As if media coverage wasn’t enough, did you know that KOR products have collectively won international design awards? Having a KOR is like owning a highly coveted designer piece -- only it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. Here's a selection of what KOR Vida has won:

  • IDEA (2011)
  • Spark (2011)
  • IDA (2010)