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KOR Delta Limited Edition #4 (750 mL)

Ocean Drop

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Titled "Nothing Changes Until I Do," the final design of Ocean Drop | Limited Edition ties together the series into a cohesive creed we call "Ocean Drop" that aims to activate the positive intent within YOU: I am a drop from the ocean. Therefore, the ocean is inside of me. I am separate from and connected to everything. Nothing changes until I do. Front print features large, monotone green KOR drop. Back print (gears to express that actions are interconnected) magnifies for an enchanting aquarium effect. Includes individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the co-founders of KOR, and a special KOR Stone. #4 of 4 in the Ocean Drop | Limited Edition Hydration Vessel series... final one! Rare item — only 48 of these prints are available. NOT VALID WITH DISCOUNT CODES OR OTHER PROMOTIONS.

More Details

Dimensions 10.71" tall, 3.25" wide, 2.88" deep at base
Weight 7.84 oz
Capacity 750 mL (25.3 oz.)
Materials Eastman Tritan™ (vessel body/trim); POM plastic (button/latch); GLS TPE (seal, cap cover, bottom pad)
Manufacturer KOR
KOR Stones™ Includes 2 KOR Stones™ in cap for personalization

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KOR Delta Limited Edition #4 (750 mL)

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