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KOR in the News


Inc. Magazine

7 Best-Designed American-Made Products

KOR elevates the humble water bottle to a piece of high-performance equipment. Its built-in water filter, handle, and silicone spout are highly functional elements. Satisfying build quality and aesthetic complete the picture."

06.01.2014 | Inc. Magazine

Men's Lifestyle Guide UK

Kor Nava Water Bottle

“Each piece of the Bottle has been thought about thoroughly, from the way it feels in your hand, to the mouthpiece and coconut husk filter, which makes drinking effortless.”

08.12.2013 | Men's Lifestyle Guide


OneGoodFind: Stainless Steel Water Bottle

“Perhaps no such perfect bottle exists, but the KOR Vida comes closer than any I've ever seen.”

09.18.2012 | Saveur


7 Eco-Friendly (And Bike-Friendly) Water Bottles That Are Totally Worth It

“With a handy handle, a gorgeous silhouette, and a spout that's easy and hygienic, the KOR Delta will not only hydrate you -- it'll probably get you a couple of compliments.”

05.18.2012 | BlissTree

Lifestyle + Charity Magazine

Memorial Day Inspirational Partying

“As the weather gets warmer, KOR Hydration Vessels keep you hydrated. These are sleek and stylish designer reusable water bottles.”

05.15.2012 | Lifestyle + Charity Magazine


High tech hydration with KOR Vida and Delta

“Have you noticed just how good-looking water bottles are becoming? Indeed labelling them water bottles almost seems an insult to their high tech design and supermodel stunning looks.”

05.10.2012 | Babyology

The Red Bulletin


“Must-Have: KOR Delta”

04.01.2012 | The Red Bulletin

Rugby Ralph Lauren

Rugby Index : Sporty

“Because the first step in eliminating excuses, in our opinion, is to make sure you're always stocked up on the essentials.”

03.14.2012 | Rugby Ralph Lauren


Editors Pick: The Perfect Workout—KOR Delta Water Bottles Make Hydration A Snap

“I have started my daily workout routine and finally found the perfect water bottle to use while exercising.”

03.13.2012 | DOWNTOWN Magazine NYC


Essentials for Pregnant and New Moms

“I am the worst at remembering to keep myself hydrated. These water bottles are beautifully designed by a company that's environmentally aware—definitely on my must-have mama wish list.”

02.09.2012 | Washingtonian


Kor Water Bottle

“We have notified the fact the brand is arriving in France and would like it to be known. Beyond its ergonomics and design, the bottle also marks a turning green”

02.01.2012 | ViaComIT

Teen Vogue

10 Easy Tips for Drinking More Water

“To help you fit in your daily dose of H2O, we tapped pediatrician and wellness expert Laura Jana, M.D. for her tips on how to make drinking water more enjoyable.”

02.01.2012 | Teen Vogue

Direct Matin

Des bouteilles réutilisables: eau écolo

“Practical, light and very strong, they have the distinction of be made of Tritan, a BPA-free plastic proper, or steel... Everyone can find one to his liking.”

01.31.2012 | Direct Matin



“Everything about the Kor Delta water bottle is designed so well... I especially like it as an aesthetic reminder to drink more water while I sit at my desk.”

01.28.2012 | FitSugar


Une goutte d'eau dans une mer de bouteilles branchées Kor Water

“La bouteille d'eau "Kor Water" de KorWater arrive en France. Sous ses airs superficiels et design se cache en réalité une démarche écologique. ”

01.19.2012 | TMC

La Parisienne (Le Parisien)

Les bouteilles d'eau "branchées" Kor arrivent en France vendredi

“Récompensée par le Grand Prix du Design 2011, la bouteille Kor est aussi une réponse pratique à une problématique écologique.”

01.18.2012 | La Parisienne (Le Parisien)


14 Extra-Cool Workout Accessories To Get You Motivated!

“14 Extra-Cool Workout Accessories To Get You Motivated!”

01.17.2012 | Refinery29

Daily Candy

Let's Get Physical: Fitness Gear for Non-Gym Rats

“Stuck in a rut? Revamp your routine with workout gear, fitness books, and wellness products that will transform you inside and out.”

01.17.2012 | Daily Candy

SF Gate

The iS List: High-Design Hydration

“Don't even think about calling them bottles. These pastel containers feature a hinged cap, threadless spout and safety latch closure.”

01.08.2012 | SF Gate

Oh! Magazine

Elegant, Modern and Safe

“Drinking bottled water has become synonymous with a kind of love for healthy living. KOR therefore offers a way you drink in a stylish, modern and safe way.”

12.29.2011 | Oh! Magazine

Eastman Innovation Lab

KOR ONE Black: When Black is Gold

“Designers have a special affinity for the color black. So it’s only natural for KOR Water and RKS Design to team up on the creation of the KOR ONE Black – a special hydration vessel for a special cause.”

12.16.2011 | Eastman Innovation Lab


Inspiring gift giving.

“The beautifully-designed KOR Delta water bottle will turn heads in 2012. ”

12.07.2011 | Examiner.com

K the Kris Aquino Magazine

Kris Picks: Stuff with substance for a Kris-inspired life

“Describing KOR as an innovative water container is an understatement. This groundbreaking brand of hydration vessels takes water seriously.”

12.01.2011 | K the Kris Aquino Magazine

Schöner Wohnen

Wonderfully Unequal

“In Hollywood, they use KOR Water -- pure water in reusable bottles.”

12.01.2011 | Schöner Wohnen

1st Blue

Clean You!

“KOR Water develops sustainable products on water that are environmentally friendly and are a stylish alternative to plastic bottles -- and they are now to conquer Germany.”

09.26.2011 | 1st Blue


Baddest Man On Campus: A GQ Back To School Guide

“You know how much better water tastes out of a chilled glass bottle? Kor's Vida water bottle gives you the same effect, but its steel body was made to be tracked around campus, drop-kicked, and abused.”

09.01.2011 | GQ

Apartment Therapy

Zen at Home: Working Out in a Small Space

“Hydration is important and the stylish Kor One Vessel will have you reaching for your water.”

07.29.2011 | Apartment Therapy

Daily Candy

Crystal Meers's Favorite Things

“This sleek water bottle is transpo-friendly and eliminates the need to lop off cacti tops Wild West style.”

07.26.2011 | Daily Candy

Urban Male Magazine

Top Gear: Everything You Need to Get Through Summer

“The secret to overall wellness is staying hydrated. Wherever your summer takes you, be sure to take an on-the-go vessel from KOR Water.”

07.01.2011 | Urban Male Magazine


Got water? The most effective performance enhancer you’re not using

“... engineered ‘hydration vessels’ that are so aesthetically-pleasing with ergonomic lines and pops of color, you’ll never want to go back to disposable bottles again.”

06.27.2011 | Examiner.com

Paved Magazine

KOR Vida Hydration Vessel

“Behold this black beauty. A water bottle designed to be the ideal blend of style and function.”

06.15.2011 | Paved Magazine

Elevation Outdoors Magazine

Summer Gear Guide: Extras

“There are so many water bottles to choose from, why not grab one with a bit of sex apeal.”

06.02.2011 | Elevation Outdoors Magazine

LOULOU Magazine

Fit Files: Haute Hydration

“Disposable bottles have become a major health and environmental no-no, so we're upgrading to reusables by KOR.”

06.01.2011 | LOULOU Magazine

Made Man

The Smart Man’s Mother’s Day Gifts

“Yes, it’s a water bottle. But it’s a cool-looking water bottle. Stick some pretty flowers in it and you’re good.”

05.04.2011 | Made Man

Imbibe Magazine

Water Works

“Crafted from heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic, this bottle has an eye-catching, lightweight design with an ergonomic handle that fits nicely in the hand.”

05.01.2011 | Imbibe Magazine


Gear for Hut Trips

“Water Bottle and Electrolytes: Kor Vida and Nuun tabs”

04.25.2011 | SKI

Genlux Magazine

Fashionable Water!

“Each vessel has a clean streamlined design. No bells and whistles, just a modern attractive bottle that serves its purpose.”

04.22.2011 | Genlux Magazine

Martha Stewart

Gifts for the Graduate

“Send your scholar off to college with a stylish, BPA-free water bottle that will inspire her with a message that appears every time she takes a sip from the flip top.”

04.15.2011 | Martha Stewart


Gear Girl: Good Hydrations

“The stainless steel bottle with an easy-to-grab handle, which holds 750 ml of liquid, is nearly indestructible.”

04.06.2011 | Outside


Kor Hydration Vessels

“Seriously, we love this because "hydration vessel" sounds way more high tech than "water bottle", like we're on [Battlestar Galactica] or something.”

03.28.2011 | Outblush


Wa­ter Ev­ery­where: SteriPen Sidewinder and KOR Delta

“The KOR Delta Hy­dra­tion Ves­sels might have an odd name and some fea­ture bloat, but are pret­ty darn good.”

03.23.2011 | TrulyOutdoors

Cool Hunting

Kor Vida on Cool Hunting

“With forward-thinking design, they excel at creating functional H20 portage and are committed to changing the habits of the Dasani-swilling masses...”

03.21.2011 | Cool Hunting


KOR Introduces New Stainless Steel Vida Water Bottle

“The Vida is KOR's newest innovation, and their first stainless steel offering.”

03.11.2011 | Re-Nest

Skiing Magazine

What's in Your Pack?

“Even if it’s cold, you’re probably sweating and dehydrating yourself. The 750 ml KOR Delta water bottle has a spill-proof lid, so it won’t dump, then freeze your pack, and it’s push button opening is easy to use with gloves.”

03.08.2011 | Skiing Magazine


Kor Vida Is a Gorgeous Take on the Steel Water Bottle

“We're big fans of Kor's futuristic looking water bottles—er, vessels, as the company calls them, 'cause it's cooler—and they've just debuted the newest addition to the line: the Vida...”

03.03.2011 | Gizmodo

Design Milk

KOR Vida

“I talk about how much I like my KOR ONE water bottle — excuse me, hydration vessel — quite often and on the coattails of launching their Delta model, KOR has released the Vida...”

03.03.2011 | Design Milk


My Bottle Is Sexier Than Yours

“The best reusable water bottles, and they’re sexy, too.”

02.24.2011 | EcoSalon


Man at His Best

“KOR Delta is introduced in China.”

02.01.2011 | Esquire

Outdoor Retailer Daily

the gallery: a quick peek into the show's sharp-looking new products

“KOR Vida is KOR Water's metal spin on its original plastic water bottle.”

01.22.2011 | Outdoor Retailer Daily

Real Simple

11 Cool Water Bottles

“Prevent misplacing (yet another!) cap with the stay-put version attached to this elegant carafe.”

01.01.2011 | Real Simple

Fast Company

How KOR Redesigned Its Water Bottles, Using Customer Feedback

“KOR Water, the West Coast company that makes reusable water bottles hip, has given Co.Design an exclusive look at its next-gen product.”

11.22.2010 | Fast Company


Guaranteed Awesome Gifts for the 21st Century Hippie

“For a 21st Century Hippie, polluting the world with plastic water bottles would be unconscionable.”

11.10.2010 | Gizmodo

O: The Oprah Magazine

A Tall Drink of Water

“This wide-mouth version [of a water bottle] is ideal and 1 percent of sales supports nonprofits committed to environmental issues ”

10.29.2010 | O: The Oprah Magazine


Companies give back by linking products sales to charitable donations

“More manufacturers are linking product sales with charitable contributions to not only impact society, but also to strengthen their brands and give retailers interesting stories to tell.”

09.20.2010 | SNEWS

Elle Finland

Naisellisuus on voimaa

“Diane Von Furstenberg believes not just in beauty, but in a healthy life.”

09.01.2010 | Elle Finland

Vie Magazine

Quintessential Essentials

“Here are some examples of the luxurious modern day picnic to suit every mood, every household and every scenario.”

07.30.2010 | Vie Magazine

The Huffington Post

HuffPost Innovators Series: KOR Water

“In our latest edition of the HuffPost Innovators series, we're highlighting companies that have some creative solutions to problems big and small.”

07.29.2010 | The Huffington Post

Cleveland Magazine

Cheryl's Green Picks

“[They've]... been seen satisfying the thirsts of Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow.”

07.01.2010 | Cleveland Magazine

Haute Living Magazine

Top Five orGLAMic Water Bottles

“The flip top and ergonomically designed handle makes taking this BPA-free bottle anywhere a breeze...”

06.30.2010 | Haute Living Magazine

Fast Company

Changing Consumer Behavior One Bottle at a Time

“The KOR ONE elevates the idea of refillable water bottles through material choice and design.”

06.17.2010 | Fast Company

Best Health Magazine

The best reusable water bottles

“Made from BPA-free Tritan, these sleek-looking "hydration vessels" take tap water up a notch.”

05.01.2010 | Best Health Magazine

Men's Fitness

Best Drink Bottle

“It's got an ergonomic shape, flip top, and integrated handle, plus a portion of sales goes to water-related charities.”

04.01.2010 | Men's Fitness

The View from the Bay

7 fun and stylish ways to keep your resolutions

“A beautifully colored or patterned new "hydration vessel" will help, especially since they donate some proceeds to water causes”

01.28.2010 | The View from the Bay

Daily Candy

2010 Feel Better Already

“That dry winter radiator heat can leave you parched like a camel. But not if you carry around one of KOR’s new colored vessels. The sleek bottles make even water look fancy.”

01.04.2010 | Daily Candy

Glamour Magazine

25 Amazing Gifts That Also Give Back

“One percent of annual proceeds goes to Kor's Thirst for Giving program”

12.01.2009 | Glamour Magazine


These Are a Few of Their Favorite Things

“Help the environment, help your health and look like a design conscious style maker all at once...”

12.01.2009 | 944


Kor Unveils Limited Edition Water Vessels that Give Back

“With all the controversy and outrage surrounding the presence of BPA in plastic water bottles, KOR has stood by its commitment to encourage individuals to stop buying disposable bottled water with its smoothly styled BPA-free water vessels”

11.18.2009 | Inhabitat

Best of New Orleans

Make Him Happy

“Your eco-friendly man will appreciate that a portion of each purchase of the BPA-free KOR One Hydration Vessel is donated to a water-related cause: global water crisis, watershed protection, ocean protection or container recycling. ”

11.16.2009 | Best of New Orleans

Boston Herald

KOR One: Water sippin’ in style

“While a lot of water bottles can claim to be BPA-free and a friend to the environment, few are as stylishly designed as the KOR One.”

11.14.2009 | Boston Herald

805 Living

Mind / Body / Soul

“Better than a bottle, Kor One is an insulated, reusable BPA-free hydration vessel”

11.09.2009 | 805 Living


What She Can't Live Without

“I love that this company donates 1 percent of sales to a nonprofit that protects oceans”

11.01.2009 | Shape

Competitor Magazine

KOR Hydration Vessel

“Every time you open the top of a KOR Hydration Vessel, you'll be inspired by a message -- and maybe inspired to drink more, too”

10.29.2009 | Competitor Magazine

Elle Canada

Tall Drink

“You won't forget to stay hydrated with a water bottle that could moonlight as an objet d'art”

09.22.2009 | Elle Canada

Woman's World

Style - On The Rocks

“Beyond being attractive, this water bottle has great features ... it's really versatile”

09.21.2009 | Woman's World

Woodbury Magazine

Smart Water

“Beauty is more than bottle deep with the translucent Kor One Hydration Vessel”

09.20.2009 | Woodbury Magazine

University Link

Drink Yourself Thin

“Kor Water hydration vessels combine beautiful design and concern for sustainable water in the form of reusable, BPA-free water bottles”

09.18.2009 | University Link

Industry Week

Designed for Success

“Founder and CEO Eric Barnes is betting that careful attention to design and aligning his business with water advocacy will bring success to start-up KOR Water.”

09.16.2009 | Industry Week


Find a BPA Free Alternative To SIGG

“After the recent Bisphenol A scare, a lot of people are looking for new water bottles. That makes it a good time to introduce the Kor One bottle by RKS designs. It has a special flip top that can be easily opened with one hand (a must for sports like rowing or cycling) and it's made of BPA free Eastman Tritan.”

08.24.2009 | Treehugger


Road testing the KOR ONE water bottle

“In today's Nalgene-dominated market, the design is a head turner for sure. Every where we take this bottle we get compliments on it, from the frisbee field to the farmer's market to the deli, and we're in a constant state of explaining where we got our snazzy, space-ship bottle.”

08.13.2009 | Gadling

Mother Nature Network

Going beyond the dorm

“Thirsty? Hold up to 750 ml of water, yes, water in these beautifully designed, dorm-appropriate, BPA-free bottles. ”

08.12.2009 | Mother Nature Network

Sactown Magazine

Healing Waters

“Send a message with a bottle; A portion of sales from these colorful, BPA-free Kor bottles benefit water-related causes from container recycling to ocean protection”

08.03.2009 | Sactown Magazine

USA Today

Fashion Forward: Eco aqua

“Take a sip from Gwyneth Paltrow's ecoconscious lifestyle with the KOR water bottle, her hydration container of choice”

07.22.2009 | USA Today


Genius in a Bottle

“Color me hydrated! Yes, these appealing fruit shades enlivening the sleek water bottles are part of KOR Water’s new Thirst for Giving™ program.”

07.14.2009 | EcoSalon


KOR Hydration Vessel

“This brings a whole new meaning to the term “water bottle.” The KOR hydration vessel [...] encourages you to never drink out of a disposable plastic bottle ever again.”

07.02.2009 | GOOP

Naturally Saavy

KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

“Even though the design alone is enough for us to recommend this bottle, the aesthetics are simply the icing on the cake of this eco-conscious and socially responsible product.”

06.25.2009 | Naturally Saavy

Swell City Guide

Seven Summer Beauty Necessities

“The KOR hydration vessel is made of safe materials and manufacturing in mind. [...] Stay beautiful and hydrated while helping the environment all at once.”

06.25.2009 | Swell City Guide

Elevation Outdoors

Fun in the Sun

“This could be the sexiest water bottle we've ever seen. But that's beside the point. Save yourself and the world from harmful plastics in favor of a smart clean design that's PBA-free.”

06.15.2009 | Elevation Outdoors

Business World High Life

giffen goods

“Money well spent”

06.01.2009 | Business World High Life

Virtu Magazine

Kor One

“[KOR] believes that health and viability should be celebrated and not 'constrained' in an aluminum or plastic bottle”

06.01.2009 | Virtu Magazine


KOR Water Vessels

“No matter your color preference, toss those other water bottles in the recycling bin and purchase a KOR ONE reusable vessel for all your hydration needs.”

05.26.2009 | StyleCaster

O: The Oprah Magazine

A Tall Drink of Water

“This wide-mouth version [of a water bottle] is ideal and 1 percent of sales supports nonprofits committed to environmental issues”

05.01.2009 | O: The Oprah Magazine


Kor One Hydration Vessels

“These aren't your ordinary "water bottles." No, Kor One Hydration Vessels are clearly of a more elite class, and they've got a pretty damn great purpose, too.”

04.18.2009 | Outblush

Men's Health

I'm sick of buying bottled water. Should I just filter my tap water?

“The KOR ONE... can be opened and closed with one hand, making it great for driving and working out.”

04.01.2009 | Men's Health


Kor One Water Bottles Support Water Causes

“If you're in need of a reuseable water container, consider picking a cause that is closest to your heart (or simply your favorite color, since each cause is extremely worthy) and snap up Kor's donation offer. Kor One bottles are a top pick for TreeHuggers”

04.01.2009 | Treehugger

breathe magazine

genius in a bottle

“Its good looks will grab you, but a gulpable, wide mouth and one-handed hinge opening will win you over”

03.15.2009 | breathe magazine

Business Week

Bottled Waters Lose Their Effervescence

“The bottled water business hasn't figured out a way to address the fundamental fact that municipal pipes are the most environmentally friendly way to distribute water”

01.30.2009 | Business Week

Good Morning America

Trend Watch: What's Hot for 2009

“The KOR ONE was featured New Years Day on Good Morning America in a segment entitled "Trend Watch: What’s Hot for 2009?"”

01.01.2009 | Good Morning America

Women's Running

Fitness Diva

“Add this 750-milliliter nontoxic, reusable water bottle in your gym bag, and you'll be much kinder to your health and Mother Earth”

12.20.2008 | Women's Running

CBS: The Early Show

Perfect Gifts For Athletes

“Outside magazine's Mike Roberts shows Harry Smith some great gift ideas for athletes or anyone interested in getting into sports.”

12.04.2008 | CBS: The Early Show

Metropolis Magazine

Plastic Surgery

“With it's crystal-blue body, white trim, and streamlined shape, the KOR ONE bottle is substantially slicker than its backpacking brethren.”

12.01.2008 | Metropolis Magazine


The most beautiful water bottle ever?

“Inspired by the look of blown glass, the 750ml bottle is made ofBPA-free plastic with an integrated handle. At the touch of a button,the tight-sealing cap swivels open and reveals a mouth that's designedto be wide enough for ice cubes but small enough to minimize splashing.”

11.22.2008 | CNET

The Week

The best...contaminant free bottles

“Designed to have the same cachet as single-use bottles by Voss and SmartWater ,this 750-mililiter bottle features an extra-wide mouth and a release button for easy, one-hand opening.”

11.14.2008 | The Week

Daily Candy Los Angeles

Quart or Life Crisis

“Aside from being easy on the eyes, the design’s ergonomic flip top(easily maneuvered with one hand) and extra-wide mouth make for maximumgulpage with minimum face splashage.”

11.01.2008 | Daily Candy Los Angeles

I.D. Magazine

The Year's Smartest Products - KOR ONE

“The KOR ONE cuts a profile cleaner and more elegant than other water bottles - a godsend for style-conscious drinkers tired of looking like they just got back from Outward Bound.”

11.01.2008 | I.D. Magazine

Advertising Age

Water Bottle as iPod-like Fashion Accessory

“California companies Kor Water [and] RKS Design [...] have spent three years re-inventing the lowly water bottle as a 'personal hydration vessel'".”

10.06.2008 | Advertising Age

The New York Times

Slick Design Comes to the Water Bottle

“Bloggers who got an early look have been atwitter for months”

10.02.2008 | The New York Times


Hydration Goes High-Tech

“This bottle has been all the buzz on the world wide webbings. BPA free and very reusable...this is a magnificent piece of engineering.”

09.15.2008 | Re-Nest

Outside Magazine

The World's Best New Gear

“Kor's new ONE 'hydration vessel' is both bisphenol-free and undeniably slick.”

09.01.2008 | Outside Magazine


Cut to the KOR

“the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel is the perfect alternative to other bland bottles”

09.01.2008 | Zink

freefoot Crush


“When is a consumer product a work of art? KOR Water have created such aproduct: the KOR ONE is a water bottle or, if you will, a personal HydrationVessel that not only edifies the solution to needless waste but does so withmore sex appeal than is warranted in such a humble object.”

08.09.2008 | freefoot Crush

Men's Vogue Online

Plastic Fantastic

“KOR's chic little canteen also requires less energy to produce, so it's eco-friendly to use and even friendlier to make. Plus for less than $30, you can get a new piece of art and live green without overdrawing on yours.”

07.24.2008 | Men's Vogue Online


One-Handable, Reusable and Very Nice Looking

“If there was ever a reusable water bottle that we'd pay $29 for, this would be it. The Kor One is made out of BPA free plastic, and can be opened with one hand while cycling or running or eating...”

06.30.2008 | Gizmodo


Kor ONE:Reinventing the Water Bottle

“After the recent Bisphenol A scare, a lot of people are looking for new water bottles. That makes it a good time to introduce the Kor One bottle”

06.30.2008 | Treehugger


KOR ONE: Hydration Vessel

“The KOR ONE was designed to fit our everyday lives - to be equally at home on an executive's desk, in a yoga studio, and at your side throughout the day.”

06.29.2008 | Dexigner


This is Hot

“The KOR water bottle. Super designed, super saucy, super good for the earth!It's also $30. But I think I need it.”

06.28.2008 | Vox

JC Report

Water, Re-Designed

“Then the news of BPA chemicals leaching out of plastic bottles came out, sending a shudder through masses of Nalgene power-drinkers. To the rescue comes the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel, a sustainable bottle that redefines what a water bottle can be.”

06.27.2008 | JC Report

Moco Loco

Nice Bottle, Nice Eyes

“Partnered with KOR WATER, RKS designed the KOR ONE to be part of an everyday routine, so that everyone can feel at ease re-using this safe bottle.”

06.26.2008 | Moco Loco

Product Wiki

Kor One Water Bottle

“The Kor One water bottle is a reusable water bottle that is not made from polycarbonate (therefore doesn't have any Bisephenol-A hazards).”

06.25.2008 | Product Wiki


KOR ONE HydrationVessel

“KOR ONE is a reusable bottle conceived and designed in partnership with Eastman Tritan and RKS Design using Bisphenol-A (BPA)-free Tritancopolyester which is as healthy for consumers as they were for the environment.”

06.25.2008 | technogad

Cool Hunting

Kor One Water Vessel

“The Kor One Hydration Vessel elevates the humble water bottle to new aesthetic and functional levels. Forget Voss, Smart Water, and Jeff. ”

06.24.2008 | Cool Hunting

Jake’s Design Blog

Kor One Most Excellent Reusable Water Bottle

“The Kor One water bottle retails for $30 has a really cool design. The Kor One isenvironmentally friendly and is made from BPA free plastic.”

06.24.2008 | Jake’s Design Blog

First In Touch

Ya know a good product when you see one

“First there was bottled water, then there was Nalgene, now KOR ONE Hydration Vessel (yes it's BPA free).”

06.24.2008 | First In Touch

Worth Its Weight In Awesome

KOR Water

“It's refreshing to see a company stepping outside the realm of the disposableand into the reusable and still think how consumers interact with a product.”

06.24.2008 | Worth Its Weight In Awesome

The Dieline

KOR ONE Water Vessel

“In steps KOR, with a considered, well-designed solution. KOR realized thatalthough people are willing to use a reusable bottle, they are more likely todo so if it doesn't look like hell (hello Nalgene).”

06.21.2008 | The Dieline

Live Modern

KOR ONE hydration vessel

“It’s BPA free, wide mouthed, and absolutely sexy. At $29 they aren’t cheap,but if you stopped buying bottled water and just filtered your own at home itwould not only be better for the environment, but cheaper overall.”

06.21.2008 | Live Modern


KOR ONE HydrationVessel

“The design itself is innovative with its intuitive, one-handed operation bottle capwith a thumb release and kung fu grip. Yada yada yada…it’s water in a cool bottle, made from sustainable materials. They win, go buy it.”

06.21.2008 | Yanko

Grassroots Modern

KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

“Well there is a new kid on the block, and they are here to show that not only cana plastic water bottle be healthy and environmentally responsible, it can lookamazing too. The Kor One Hydration Vessel is a new water bottle...”

06.20.2008 | Grassroots Modern


KOR ONE WaterVessel

“Besides being a sexy design, it also features a one-handed lid latch system thatallows the bottle to be sealed even when laying flat.”

06.20.2008 | Dustbowl


KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

“A reusable water bottle as healthy as the water you put inside it. The KOR ONEHydration Vessel ($30) is BPA-free (good for your body) and cuts down on the amount of water bottles you throw away each year (good for the planet).”

06.19.2008 | Uncrate

Boing Boing

KOR ONE water bottle looks, is venerated like God's own suppository

“if a little fancy chatting and branded design is what it takes to make using a reusable water bottle hip...I can grin and bear it.”

06.18.2008 | Boing Boing


KOR ONE Water Vessel

“For those of you who like to refill, reuse, and rehydrate, there's a new waterbottle coming to town, and it's a serious design contender on aesthetics, ergonomics, materials, and manufacturing. ”

06.16.2008 | Core77

Entertainment Weekly

These Are a Few of Their Favorite Things

“Help the environment, help your health and look like a design conscious style maker all at once...”

00.00.0000 | Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

For the Girl Next Door

“These KOR ONE water bottles are big on style and sustainability.”

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