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Our Mission

Call us water advocates. We celebrate and treasure water by creating the world’s most stylish, functional personal hydration products. We call our approach, “Better Me, Better World” because we believe you can make a difference without giving up everything you love.

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Our Story

KOR was founded in 2005 by Eric Barnes and Paul Shustak, who began with the simple goal of perfecting the reusable bottle. Along the way, as they began to understand the problems not only behind bottled water, but water on this planet as a way of life, their mission rapidly expanded to creating a company that celebrates, protects, and treasures water.

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The Core of KOR

KOR Logo

We often wonder, “What’s in a name”? For KOR, the question to ask goes further – what’s in a logo?

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Press + Media

Press + Media

Get the latest buzz on KOR as well as helpful press materials.