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In 2006, 215 billion plastic, glass and aluminum beverage bottles and cans were sold in the U.S. - 66% were not recycled. That means that over 140 billion beverage containers ended up in landfill, oceans, rivers, or simply on the side of the road.

Every time a KOR One is purchased, a donation is made to The Container Recycling Institute, a non-profit organization that studies and promotes policies and programs that increase recovery and recycling of beverage containers, and shift the social and environmental costs associated with manufacturing, recycling, and disposal of containers and packaging waste from government and taxpayers to producers and consumers.

"CRI is dedicated to studying alternatives for reducing beverage container waste and we applaud KOR for developing products that support our mission. We're honored that they have chosen to support us financially as well."
-Elizabeth McLaughlin, Executive Director, The Container Recycling Institute

Beverage container facts:

  • The energy consumption required to create brand new containers to replace those that are not recycled is equivalent to 36 million barrels of crude oil per year
  • An estimated 4.7 million tons of greenhouse gasses were produced in order to replace the 134 billion containers that were not recycled in 2005
  • Mining for the ore required to make new aluminum cans releases toxins and other pollutants into the air and water, ultimately contributing to acid rain and smog
  • The creation of brand new containers damages wildlife habitat due to mining, drilling, and building hydroelectric dams

Check out these other great resources to learn more about container recycling

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