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KOR Kids Hydration Vessel 500 mL - Anthracite Black



Anthracite Black


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The Monkey Sea Monkey Do Crew are a fearless group of monkey pirates who travel the world battling pollution and spreading the word about reusing and recycling. They think the more kids that can see and understand their mission, the more kids will help the environment. Monkey see, monkey do!


KOR Kids is an explosive new line of youth-oriented hydration vessels aimed at educating our youth on important water causes and making hydration fun. Simply by using KOR Hydration Vessels, our youth will develop the healthy habit of reusing water bottles and understanding our environmental impact from an early age. Based on the KOR Aura, this BPA-free hydration vessel's inviting twist-off cap shields the mouthpiece from germs and dirt. Its sleek, tapered profile makes it great to hold. And its Perfect Spout™ is a delight to drink from.

More Details

Dimensions 8.56" tall, 2.74" wide, 2.74" deep at base
Weight 5.12 oz
Capacity 500 mL (16.9 oz.)
Materials Eastman Tritan™ (vessel body); polypropylene (cap); food grade silicone (seals)
Manufacturer Kings Flair

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KOR Kids Hydration Vessel 500 mL - Anthracite Black

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